Adge homepage design

Adge IT Consultants

This 2007 project ended up being my first experience with spec work. These comps were produced in the hope that they would seal the deal in getting my contract signed. Unfortunately, the client chose to go in another direction and walked away. Click on each screenshot to enlarge them.

The Design

Home page detail of matrix and right sidebar
Home page detail of the right side of the masthead
Home page detail of header

This design predates smart mobile devices and was designed to work best with 17-inch monitors. The homepage featured a matrix of services that "lit up" when the user moused over each service. The user could see more information about each service by clicking on the particular service.

The design features two different layouts including the homepage and a content page with a right sidebar. The main navigation element is the global site navigation in the form of a horizontal bar featuring color changes on hover.

Services page layout
Homepage layout

This project did not proceed past the mock designs seen here. The lesson learned here is that spec work does not ensure that you will get the gig. Always make sure you have a signed contract in hand before any work is done.