Credit Karma UI Development Projects

I worked with a variety or project teams as part of the Front-End Engineering team at Credit Karma and produced work that improved user on-boarding, implemented experiments to offer conversions, and built revenue-generating landing pages.

Credit Score Simulator

This feature allowed users to experience how some financial decisions could impact their credit score.

The credit simulator incorporated the Velocity.js animation library to profide physics-based spring animations for the dial indicator used on the score display. Other animations were driven by CSS transforms and transitions, and jQuery animation functions.

screen recording of the Credit Simulator motion based on spring physics.

Credit Fumble Landing Page

This two-page experience was created and launched ahead of the Super Bowl of that year.

The goal of the project was to promote content around building good credit. There were two pages; a landing page and an interactive infographic page. The landing page featured links to other original content and personal finance resources, a video detailing the importance of maintaining good credit practices, and a link to the infographic page. The infographic featured Slick.js carousels in different sections of the page to add some interactivity to the experience.

Animation showing long scrolling experience of the interactive infographic with demontrations of on of the carousel. Screen capture of the top of the landing page. Screen capture of the middle of the landing page. Screen capture of the of the landing page with content expanded in the sidebar. Screen capture of the top of the interactive infographic page