Proposed Platzner & Co. Website

Proposed Platzner & Co. Website

This is the design of a website for a small consultancy that I did in 2008. The client chose to go in a different direction and paid for services rendered. Click on each screenshot to enlarge them.

The Design

Home page detail of sidebar
Home page detail of blog excerpts
Home page detail of the masthead

This design is inspired by the Art Deco movement as requested by the client. Some details include custom bullets for lists, custom horizontal rules for sections, and a custom pattern to create a wallpaper background.

The site was to feature three different layouts including the homepage, a content page with a left sidebar and a blog post page with a right sidebar. I designed all visual elements of the site including the logo, masthead background, custom bullets and the custom horizontal rules.

Blog post page layout
Content page layout
Home page layout

The client chose to walk away rather than accept the design. Their feedback was that the site looked too "techy".